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For a summary of the project and its policy implications, read the policy brief.

For more details of methods, data sources, and implications, see:
Millard-Ball, Adam. 2022. The width and value of residential streets. Journal of the American Planning Association, 88(1): 30-43.

For more about policy and design options, see:
Millard-Ball, Adam. 2021. Viewpoint: Turning streets into housing. Journal of Transport and Land Use. 14(1); 1061-1073.

For more information: Adam Millard-Ball, Associate Professor of Urban Planning, UCLA

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Coding assistance: Theodore Lau

Thanks to: Juan Matute and Auut Studio

International data source: Atlas of Urban Expansion


This study was made possible through funding received by the University of California Institute of Transportation Studies Statewide Transportation Research Program, funded by the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (SB 1). The authors would like to thank the State of California for its support of university-based research, and especially for the funding provided in support of this project.